Membership Information

There are requirements for joining the Blue Comets and we invite you to attend a few meetings to see for yourself if you want to commit to the club. BCMC is a working club. We own and maintain approximately 18 acres, a clubhouse, a pavilion, and various outbuildings and equipment. As a member, you will be expected to join a committee and become part of our club family.

When you first complete your application you must attend 3 meetings (business OR social). Once you have 3 in the books, the club members will vote on your probationary status. If voted in, you will then be a probationary member for one full year. After 1 year you will be voted on for either a Full or Associate member. The ‘year’ you are voted in and patched is the year BCMC considers your starting year, not the time as probationary.

Our club is sanctioned by the AMA (American Motorcyclist Assoc). It benefits us to have this standing and we require each BCMC member to also be a member of AMA so we can keep this standing. There are 2 types of AMA memberships—full and associate. Similar to BCMC the full membership is the primary and associate for either the non-rider OR living in the same household. Your membership must be kept up to date and each year your new AMA card must be shown to Jeff Smith when paying yearly dues. You will NOT get an updated BCMC membership until your AMA card is updated. It’s simple to join AMA, visit and click on register!

Dues for newly voted in members are pro-rated. So if you are voted in during July as a full member then you visited Maureen. Show your AMA card and pay $60 which will cover you next 6 months. (July-Dec). At that time you will be given a BCMC member card. Come the following year then dues will be expected for the full year. $120 for Full members and $70 for Associate members. Typically these dues are to be collected before MARCH.

**Also be sure to check the website under Members Only for the latest edition of the members list. Make sure all your contact info is correct. Spelling, email, cell phone, etc.

**Not sure who Jeff is?? Well be sure to ask someone and we will point you in the right direction.

The club meets every other Friday. The first meeting is a business meeting and the second is a quick meeting followed by a social dinner or a ride. If interested, you are invited to attend a meeting. For more information see our Event Calendar link or call the club (610) 489-1240.